About Me

Hi, I’m Tanesha, owner of “Life in Color Club”.

From my teens through my early 20s, my wardrobe consisted mainly of black, white and brown. Color intimidated me. I wasn’t a fashionista and didn’t know what colors would look best on me. Plus it was easier to match, I mean, you can wear any color top with black pants, right? But my fear wasn’t just rooted in being afraid of picking unflattering outfit, it was fear of what others would think or say. I was very self-conscious in my younger days. I can admit that I definitely went though an awkward phase. I wore thick pink glasses, wasn’t quite sure what to do with my hair, and was VERY skinny to boot. So I got picked on a lot. To this day, I dread any situation where I’m the center of attention.

Eventually, I grew out that phase, and at some point starting experimenting with color. Today, in my early 40s, my closet is full of reds, greens, blues and purples. I even wear red and purple lipstick, and I gotta say, I rock them pretty well! There’s something very freeing about letting go of your insecurities and being unapologetically you. In being scared but giving something a try anyway. I chose the name “Life in Color Club” because I wanted to encourage other women to do the same. To live their lives in full color and not give a damn about what others think. But to live your best life, you have to also eliminate, or at the very least reduce the things that cause you stress. We women wear so many hats, organization is a must. As is taking care of yourself emotionally. mentally and physically. The items in my shop are all geared towards assisting women in those areas and I truly hope you find something that is useful to you.